Psychological Assessment Process FAQs

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When will mentors receive the assessment packet email?

Mentors complete the Request Assessment Materials step in UMCARES, and an email with links to the online assessments should arrive within 2-3 business days. (The Candidacy and Psychological Assessment Coordinator processes the packet; it is not automatically generated.)


When will the materials be sent to the MAS?

Candidates complete the MMPI-2 and the 16PF assessments online, and they are scored by the Candidacy and Psychological Assessment Coordinator. The scored materials are submitted to the MAS within 3-5 business days. If a step within UMCARES is not completed or an assessment is outstanding, the submission will be further delayed.


When will a candidate be contacted by the MAS?

Candidates complete their psychological assessments, and they are sent to the MAS. Scheduling an assessment interview is the responsibility of the MAS. Many factors go into scheduling the interview, and the process is specific to each MAS. However, if you feel there has been a delay in the process then there are a few steps the candidate can follow that might help expedite the process.

  1. Review the Personal/Professional References step in the Psychological Track. Verify that all submissions have been received. If the reference’s information appears in grey, then their response has been received. If there are outstanding references, the candidate should follow up with the references. Resend the email invitation if the reference needs the link reissued.
  2. Verify the Monitor’s Testing Situation Report has been completed. Without this information, the MAS will not be able to generate their report.
  3. Contact the MAS to verify that all information has been received.

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