Board of Ordained Ministry Handbook

The Board of Ordained Ministry Handbook is designed to be a reference library for the work of BOMs. Each chapter addresses a specific segment of the board’s work, providing information that may be used in board member orientation. It may be used also to train interview teams, mentors, dCOMs, district superintendents, committees on pastor/staff parish relations, and others who share personnel responsibilities with the board. Some chapters provide directions for program administration, such as licensing schools, psychological assessment, and background and credit checks. The Handbook is a supporting resource to The Book of Discipline; if there is a conflict between the two, The Book of Discipline is primary and overrides the Handbook.


The BOM Handbook

Chapter 1 Board of Ordained Ministry Organization

Chapter 2 District Committee on Ordained Ministry

Chapter 3 Recruitment and Enlistment

Chapter 4 Candidacy Mentoring

Chapter 5 Board of Ordained Ministry Registrars

Chapter 6 Candidacy and Candidacy Forms

Chapter 7 Background Checks

Chapter 8 Psychological Assessment

Chapter 9 The Interview Process

Chapter 10 Diaconal Ministry

Chapter 11 Licensed Ministry

Chapter 12 Provisional Membership

Chapter 13 Deacons

Chapter 14 Elders

Chapter 15 Clergy Mentoring

Chapter 16 Licensing School and Course of Study

Chapter 17 Seminary Relations and the Ministerial Education Fund

Chapter 18 Certification in Specialized Areas of Ministry

Chapter 19 Continuing Education

Chapter 20 Clergy Endorsement

Chapter 21 Order of Deacons, Order of Elders & Fellowship of the Local Pastors and Associate Members

Chapter 22 Clergywomen in Ministry

Chapter 23 Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural Ministry

Chapter 24 Ethics

Chapter 25 Candidate and Clergy Files: Personnel and Supervisory Files

Chapter 26 Changes in Conference Relationship

Chapter 27 Retirement Planning and Relationships



Complete BOM Handbook


The BOM Handbook is edited by staff members of the Division of Ordained Ministry.