Other Methodist Denominations

The Book of Discipline provides two ways for clergy from Other Methodist Denominations to relate to the annual conference.

The process for serving or transferring is listed in:

¶ 346.1 – clergy serving “on loan” from Other Methodist Denominations.

¶ 347.2 – clergy transferring membership into The United Methodist Church from Other Methodist Denominations.


GBHEM has been charged with establishing a list of denominations that are “Other Methodist Denominations” (see ¶ 347.2).

Currently, GBHEM refers to the World Methodist Council list of member churches to determine if a denomination is an Other Methodist Denomination.


Note: Even if a clergy person is a member of an Other Methodist Denomination, that person must meet all requirements in order to serve or transfer into the UMC. Pay special attention to educational requirements and the completion of required education as clergy and conferences are considering service in the UMC.