Monitor’s Testing Situation Report

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The Monitor’s Testing Situation Report is a vital portion of the psychological assessment battery. The questions help the Ministerial Assessment Specialist (MAS) interpret the results of the other assessments giving them insight into the mental, physical, and emotional environment during testing.


Timeline for Completion

Complete the report within 24 hours of the assessments’ completion. This enables the Candidacy & Psychological Assessment Coordinator to receive all pieces of the assessment at the same time avoiding further delays. Also, the experience of the assessment will be fresh in the proctor’s mind allowing answers to be more accurate.


Accessing the Monitor’s Testing Situation Report

If the candidate has completed the Incomplete Sentences Blank, the report will appear under the Responsible Steps menu on the mentor’s home page.

To review the report before proctoring the assessment:

  1. Search for the candidate
  2. Click Tracks
  3. Select Open next to the psychological track
  4. Click on the Monitor’s Testing Situation Report step to access the form

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