The Board of Ordained Ministry Handbook is designed to be a reference library for the work of BOMs. Each chapter addresses a specific segment of the board’s work, providing information that may be used in board member orientation. It may be used also to train interview teams, mentors, dCOMs, district superintendents, committees on pastor/staff parish relations, and others who share personnel responsibilities with the board. Some chapters provide directions for program administration, such as licensing schools, psychological assessment, and background and credit checks. The Handbook is a supporting resource to The Book of Discipline; if there is a conflict between the two, The Book of Discipline is primary and overrides the Handbook.

The BOM Handbook is edited by staff members of the Division of Ordained Ministry. Please contact the Candidacy department with any questions or comments at

Complete BOM Handbook

This file has been formatted with blank pages inserted where appropriate so BOMs can print the complete handbook front-and-back. The file begins on the table of contents (no cover page was created for the 2012 BOM Handbook).